Saturday, February 26, 2011

Esther Aliu's Heart's Desire Block of the Month

Esther Aliu has a new Block of the Month applique mystery quilt called  Heart's Desire. Her designs are gorgeous.  I'm using a combination of back-basted needle turn applique and reverse applique.  Here are the first two colors basted on the first block.  Marjorie has a different color scheme and applique technique at

Sophie's Quilt

Sophie's Wild Rose Baby Quilt:  center
Sophie's quilt is my newest Huckleberry Baby Quilt.  The center is a needle-turn applique five petal Wild Rose.  The surrounding blocks are my Wild Rose blocks, the result of one day saying, "Hmm.  I wonder what happens if Bear Paw blocks are assembled backwards?"

Bear Paw block construction diagrams
The white background of the wild rose block doesn't really show the reverse Bear Paw of the layout. The Flying Geese segments are actually pairs of half-square triangles.

Sophie's Wild Rose pieced block

I  had been working on "Buffalo Gals," but when Miss Sophie's mama asked for the wild rose quilt, it seemed like a good idea to make it first. Sophie decided to take her time, and was born today; the center of the quilt is almost done; all of the pieced blocks are pressed and ready for final assembly. I'm aiming for finishing assembly and quilting before she's a week old.