Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Quilt Bucket list grows

February 2016  New Year's Resolution:  Actually write about all the things I think about. 

2016 Quilts to Make list is long and getting longer.  Join me for the adventure!

Grand Teton National Park "Cathedral Group"

This is a photograph that represents my first home.  Among my adventures-in-the-wings, I am designing the 2016 Row X Row quilt row for the Send-It-Home quilt and yarn shop in West Yellowstone, Montana.  The format is a little challenging:  9" x 36" but when the theme was announced it suggested lots of options.  "Home Sweet Home." 

I wonder how many quilt shops across the continent will have bird houses on their row.  At the moment I am thinking about "Home on the Range."  Wait and see!  I may drop hints occasionally.

Today my home town quilt group met, and my task was to teach a class on foundation piecing.  We wound up with too little time, and I think I need to post my instructions and the photos that go with them.  Look for that here later this week.

If you are a quilter who purchased a Victoria Rose Quilts pattern last summer which did not have all the template patterns, please contact us at