Saturday, February 4, 2012

Bear on the Porch Log Cabin

Bears on the Porch Log Cabin

February!  The winter is going so quickly that I am thinking about quilt projects for the summer.  The Log Cabin block and technique are so easy and quick to use that they make a good team with the Bear Paw block.

This quilt has a story:  when I was a little girl, my parents worked in Grand Teton during the summer.  My first memory is of a bear cub looking at me through a window.  My mom supplies more of the details:  We were living at the fire-lookout tower on the ridge over-looking Spaulding Bay on Jackson Lake.  The one room cabin was at the foot of the tower.  I was standing on a cot "which had been pushed up against the wall as a sort of divan."  She looked up and saw me standing looking out at a bear cub who was looking in. The bear looked for awhile, and then ambled off.

So, Bear on the Porch Log Cabin.