Friday, October 4, 2013

Bear Paw

Baby Bear Paw

The trip through the Green Mountains and the Adirondacks reminded me of the first bear quilt I did.  I think I'll make a new version with autumn leaf colors.  Nice to remember that scarlet and orange are "earthtones."

Autumn on the Road

Country Road in the Adirondacks

Timetable?  Schedule?  Not when there are mountain roads and pictures to take.  I may have to rethink the ratio of orange to green in my stash.

Trees, Bears, Fish, and Trees

My designated Driver and I set off from Utah to visit our grad students in New York last Thursday.   (Why do I need a designated driver?  It's tough to drive and quilt at the same time.  And there are a lot of new laws across the country, including New York state's new No Hand-Held Devices law....) (We support laws against distracted driving.  Some of the best highway signs on the interstate are in Ohio:  "It can wait. Next Text Stop, 5 miles.")

Anyhow, we found ourselves in a race.  Some of the sights we wanted to visit in New York and New Hampshire are National Park service sites.  We realized we needed to drive straight to New York instead of wandering through  Minnesota and Michigan on the way.  We were racing against Congress and their inability to pass a Continuing Resolution for funding. Funny. People usually get into a race for Congress, not a race against Congress.

We managed to get to the parks we didn't want to miss, and then spent a couple of days wandering  in Vermont and New York.  The fall colors are AWESOME (yes, I know I"m shouting, but there really aren't any quiet words for Autumn in the Adirondacks and the Green Mountains.

 I wandered into a terrific quilt shop in Inlet, New York, the Crazy Moose Quilt Shop  This isn't a huge shop, but it is the best collection of trees, bears, cabins, fish, and moose fabrics I've seen.  Sara the owner is welcoming and savvy, and even the other customers were fun.  I almost forgot poor Designated Driver, but there were chairs out front and they even have Wi-Fi for husbands of quilters.

And here I am, designer of a whole series of fish, bear, log  cabin and tree quilt patterns.
Still the  version of Bears on the Porch Log Cabin