Thursday, March 4, 2010

Huckleberry Babies

Here"s Baby Bear Paw in brighter batiks.  We're beginning to suspect that everything looks better in batik. (Okay, brides excepted.)

Making two quilts by the same pattern is very unusual around here.  There is always a new idea we want to try (or someone in the family getting married) driving the next quilts. Test-driving the Baby Bear Paw instructions helped pinpoint the rough spots, and the  pattern will be available by May 15.

There will definitely be more baby quilts.  They'll have their own sub-title:  Huckleberry Baby Quilts from Victoria Rose. They'll join  the Ruth M Rides Again heirloom quilt patterns, and designs By Marjorie for Victoria Rose.   The next baby quilt will be a Spring Butterfly, also a combination of pieced and applique blocks.

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