Friday, March 18, 2011

Sophie's Wild Rose

Sophie's Wild Rose quilt is so bright it is almost as exciting as Sophia Elisabeth herself.  The back of the quilt is white to show off the geometric and floral figures of the quilting.  I used  variegated pink, green, and white threads on the top and white on the bobbin.  This is my "Bear Paw Backwards" project.  The pattern will use flying geese instead of half-square triangles for the green leaf points.  I had the design in my head, and then on paper, but I didn't start cutting and stitching until Sophie was born. It was a great pleasure to have it done to take with me to meet the baby. For my great excuse for not having the quilt done before the grand-baby arrived, see my February 26 post!

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tralina said...

Happy to see you got it finished!! It's beautiful--I really need to watch you do applique turning sometime, again :)