Thursday, June 30, 2011

Need a Hug? Try a quilt

Last April the mother of my adorable granddaughters said, "When I wrap my child in a quilt I made, it is like physically wrapping them in my love."  What a lovely way to describe why we make quilts for the people in our lives.  I submit to you all that it is impossible to have too many quilts, if they each represent the love of the maker.

This has been a tough week emotionally.  We're off to Idaho tomorrow for the funeral of an irreplaceable friend.  This afternoon I felt utterly lonely, and wished my mother or my sisters or the grand-babies who love to be hugged were here.  Then I walked into the room where Marjorie's splendid Daisy quilt is on the bed and was reminded of the depth of the friendships I have with my sisters, whether their DNA matches mine or not.  Sometimes physical things can give us a lift emotionally. 

Some of us have loved ones who figure they have enough blankets, and why would you cut up all that fabric just to sew it together again? Some of the people we love wouldn't treat a quilt well.  I think we have a right to give them one anyway.  Many of us make quilts for charitable causes. Sometimes the cause is our own need to give a gift of love. So, make a quilt for someone you love, even if they think they don't need one.


Marjorie said...

We are definitely on the same wavelength. Yesterday I text Kathy to see if she and Alex would be OK with my bringing them quilts of love to wrap up in instead of flowers.

Ann Marie said...

Wonderfully said!

Chris Mix said...

I love hugging... quilts and kids and sewing a hug in a quilt. Thanks for your prose.