Thursday, September 29, 2011

September Roses

Hand-pieced roses
This is the quilt I forgot.  While planning for a hand-piecing class, I was digging through a box of single sampler blocks and found this quilt.  Somehow I had completely forgotten it.  Or had I?  Next is am E quilt I designed this week using Moda's new "Sophie" line of fabrics.

Definitely a resemblance, yes?
Sophie's Garden (designed with EQ7 using Moda fabrics)

The Sophie's Garden quilt is a project for later.  Our Sophie is only six months old, and has plenty of bedding. Besides, her mama likes to make quilts too.  On the other hand, the fabrics are beautiful. I could make a dress, but she is still too small to look good in the large florals of this fabric group.  Hmmm.  My local quilt shop, Village Dry Goods, has a couple of the large florals, so I have seen them on-the-hoof. Maybe I should add a new quilt category to my scheudle:  quilts that must be made because the combination of fabric name and recipient require it of me.  This one would make a great sampler quilt for a star piecing (hand-piecing) class.

 Quilting Stars?  Maybe we will need t-shirts and tote bags for this group.

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Marjorie said...

I love all the star variations in your new design!