Friday, May 25, 2012

Cowboys and Bandannas in West Yellowstone

Hold  your head sideways until I figure out how to rotate this picture.  This is the Bandanna Blues Baby Quilt in its new home in  the Send-It-Home shop

This is the Bandanna Blues baby quilt designed for fabrics from the Send-It-Home shop in West Yellowstone, Montana.  The fabrics are traditional bandanna prints, including the striped fabric on the back.  The border is standard Flying Geese, wing-tip to wing-tip.  The binding matches the background fabric.  Next time I would probably use put a narrow border between the geese and the binding to increase the floating effect of the border.  
Bandanna Baby quilt

Tomorrow, weather permitting, we'll cut kits for the Bandanna quilt and the Cowboy Pinwheel.  Kits for these quilts and the Baby Bear Paw will be be in the shop along with separate patterns and the shop's array of Western and Yellowstone fabrics. 

The weather permitting part is easy to explain.  It has been snowing all day.  Sometimes big flakes, sometime small, but definitely snow.  This is not unusual for Memorial Day weekend, but this year the weather has been beautiful and warm during May, so all the lovely green vegetation looks slightly surprised by the snow.

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