Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Oregon Tales continued

For Flower Girls dresses for the August wedding.  8" scissors
Hope the bride likes this fabric!  The background is actually a very pale blue-green, and the flowers include the whole range from Plum to Grape to Violet, so they will coordinate with the bridesmaids' dresses. 

After acknowledging that at Fabric Depot we'd met our match, we finshed the Boise-to-Portland day with a great seafood meal.

Next morning we got up determined to find Powell's and to see the Japanese Gardens.  We bought books and had a lovely lunch at Zeus's downtown, then headed for the gardens.  Maybe our smallish town boackground is showing.  It didn't occur to either of us that in Portland a sunny weekend afternoon in June might bring out everyone who ever wanted to go to the zoo, picnic in the park, or visit the Japanese Gardens.  Having driven the loop through the park along with a zillion other vehicles all looking for invisible parking spots, we went looking for views of Mt. Hood instead. 

The mountain made an excellent excuse for crossing the Columbia to the Washington side, just cooincidentally convenient to the Pendleton Mills shop.  Lovely wools, sweaters, and prices, and the view of Mount Hood was terrific.  So, no Japanese gardens, but a Fujiyama-esque moment with the local volcano.

More mountain tales later. 


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