Saturday, September 20, 2014

Can't See the Forest

ARGH!  After the embarrassment of discovering the Tree templates were left out of our Bears on the Porch Log Cabin pattern, the email addressed offered in the previous blog is impossible.  So, if you purchased the Bears on the Porch pattern in West Yellowstone this summer, and the Tree templates are missing, please email  or call 1(435) 730-4976.  Mention the trees template and give your name and address and we'll send you the template pattern  immediately.
Bottom Fir Tree border 

Meanwhile, we're enjoying the beginning of Quilt Season.   Of course, the Opening Day of Quilt Season follows right on the heels of the Closing Day of Quilt Season.   Oh, wait.  Maybe some of you don't consider NCAA football season prime Quilt Season. Isn't that why instant replay was invented? I've got great seats, and never get rained or snowed out. Still following Boise State, and waiting for Utah/vs BYU and Army vs Navy, and Syracuse vs anybody.

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Marjorie said...

My football/quilting season is still being delayed by beautiful fall weather.