Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Applique Christmas quilt progress

One of four green blooks in the Christmas Hawaiian Applique quilt
The quilting phase of the Hawaiian Appliqué Christmas quilt is going quickly. Sometimes when I’m in the middle of appliqué I forget how much fun the quilting is. I love being able to take the one square I’m working on with me, instead of having the whole quilt taking up the family room for days on end.

Center block for the Christmas Hawaiian Applique quilt

The setting for this quilt is similar to the Baby Bear Paw, putting the appliqué blocks “on point.” (Not to be confused with “en pointe,” which leaves the dancer's toes aching. Remind me to post some pictures of my Nutcracker Ballet costumes for the Dream Pointe Ballet Company) The quilt will take advantage of the concepts behind speed cutting of triangles to manage the quilt-then-assemble order of construction for Hawaiian style appliqué

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Marjorie said...

So...is that a point-setta, or a point-set-ia after you tip it on point?