Tuesday, October 5, 2010

French doll quilt and UFO quilt

Hand pieced doll quilt Nine-Patch-Nine-Patch

This little quilt is ready for binding.  Making these small quilts as class and pattern samplers is delightful.  I can take a whole quilt with me to my grandson's dentist appointment in plastic sandwich bags, or do the piecing and quilting while watching football games or traveling.  I haven't managed to quilt while eating breakfast and reading the cereal box, but where there's a will...."

While sorting and organizing my stash, I got down to the bottom of the back of the closet in the sewing room. What does one do with a 90 X 90 applique quilt in colors that are no longer particularly enticing?  I'm beginning to think there is a reason this quilt never was quilted.  Hmmm.   Now there's a quilt for the UFO/UFQ Sister's Quilt Weekend.  At least there will be several people with ideas about how to improve the quilt. I'll take the fabrics with me.  Maybe someone will fall in love with it and take it home to live in her closet!

Sister's Quilt Weekend:  UFO/UFQ party:  October 22 and 23 in West Yellowstone, Montana.  See September Sister's Quilt Weekend blog below for more information. 

To register: Call Pinecone Playhouse 121 Madison Ave, West Yellowstone, Montana, (406) 646-4107

Heritage Quilt Workshop and Pinecone Playhouse are programs of Western Heritage Arts Center.

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